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Revego Fund Managers is a majority black-owned fund manager, with a mandate to invest equity into the renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa

Revego Africa Energy Limited

Revego Fund Managers is a majority black-owned fund manager, with a mandate to invest equity into the renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa

Revego Africa Energy Limited

Revego Fund Managers is a majority black-owned fund manager, with a mandate to invest equity into the renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa

Revego Africa Energy Limited

About Revego

Revego Fund Managers

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The sub-Saharan African (SSA) electricity sector requires major investment over the next 25 years as more than 600 million people in SSA currently live without access to electricity. A significant portion of this investment will be led by the private sector. Revego Fund Managers (RFM) is well-positioned to capitalise on this urgent need for investment.

In addition to an experienced management team, RFM has an investment committee consisting of industry experts and experienced investment officers.

Investec is the largest shareholder at 49%.

RFM’s first fund under management is the Revego Fund.

RFM’s first fund under management is Revego Africa Energy Limited (Revego)

Revego Africa Energy Limited

Investment Mandate

Revego Fund Managers has a mandate to manage third party funds and holds a Category II FSP Licence issued under FAIS, allowing it to provide intermediary services on a discretionary basis.

RFM’s first fund under management is the Revego Fund as of September 2019.

Revego is one of the first equity funds targeting the SSA electricity and power sector. As fund manager, RFM will be responsible for sourcing and managing Revego’s investments in operating renewable energy projects in South Africa and the broader sub-Saharan Africa.

Revego Africa Energy Fund

Focused on the electricity sector in Sub-Saharan Africa which has demonstrated a proven need for investment:

The intended initial size of the Revego Fund is ZAR1.5–2.5 billion with Investec Bank Limited and UK Climate Investments (UKCI) jointly committing R1 billion, in equal proportions, alongside other investors thereby providing scale and ability to build a diversified asset base.

The Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of assets located in sub-Saharan Africa with an initial focus on utility scale operating assets in South Africa. Investments will be made principally by the way of equity instruments in unlisted private companies. The Fund will target minority stakes and will secure its shareholder rights (including voting rights and minority protections) through shareholders agreements and other legal agreements.

If you are a shareholder or promoter of a company who is looking for a fund to buy your investment or invest alongside you, Revego may be able to provide you with this opportunity.

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Service Providers

Revego Fund Managers’ offering is supported and enhanced by entering into service level agreements with the following service providers:

Providing all administration services and office space

Moonstone Compliance

Advising and providing oversight on regulatory compliance



Jasandra Nyker

Jasandra was the CEO of BioTherm Energy, Africa’s leading independent power producer and renewable energy development platform. Prior to joining BioTherm, Jasandra was the Senior Vice President of the PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund I. She also has experience in investment banking and worked for a few years in the UK as a strategy consultant for Private Equity, Upstream Oil and Renewable Energy.

Glynn Burger

Glynn has over 35 years of banking experience. He served as an executive director and joint managing director of Investec Bank Limited from 2000 until 2019. During this time he also fulfilled the role of Group Risk Manager and was a key decision maker on Investec’s Credit, Deal Forum and Investment Committees.

Dr Zuko Kubukeli

Zuko is the CEO and Managing Partner of PAPE Fund Managers and has been managing private equity teams since 2006. During his career, he fulfilled the role of executive director of Brait Specialist Funds and was involved in setting up the first clean technology renewable energy fund on the African continent, Evolution One Fund.

Rajit Nanda

Rajit is currently the Chief Investment Officer of ACWA Power, a developer, investor and operator of power generation and desalinated water production plants throughout parts of Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining ACWA Power, Mr Nanda held the position of Chief Financial Officer of Engie Energy International for the Middle East, Africa and Asia division.

Patsy David

Patsy was appointed as the Head of Research at All Weather Capital, a specialist asset manager, in 2019. She was previously responsible for research on SA industrials, luxury and healthcare stocks at ABSA Asset Management’s Equity Franchise. She has in excess of 20 years’ experience in investment banking and during her career has worked as a sell-side analyst at HSBC and Macquarie as well as a portfolio manager at the PIC.


Michael Meeser – Chief Investment Officer

Michael is the Global Head of Investec Bank’s Power and Infrastructure division. He has a unique skill set with over 20 years’ experience in specialist local and international energy, infrastructure and mining finance. Prior to his career at Investec, Mr Meeser was the CFO of Coal Africa and also spent time in the UK working for an independent power producer, Edison Mission Energy.

Ziyaad Sarang – Chief Financial Officer

Ziyaad will be appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Investment Manager. He was previously a Managing Director at Fieldstone Africa and has 17 years of experience in infrastructure, financial services and renewable energy. Prior to his role at Fieldstone, Mr. Sarang was the global sector head of infrastructure in the Client Coverage division of Standard Bank.

Adam Gordon – Technical Director

Adam is currently employed by Investec Bank in London and is responsible for several principal investments in the infrastructure sector including electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Prior to this he worked as part of Eskom’s Generation Strategy team where he managed various processes during the establishment of the IPP participation framework. Mr. Gordon is a CFA charter holder and Professional Engineer.

Nkateko Khoza – Dzana Investments representative

Nkateko is an MBA and BCom graduate with majors in Information Systems, Economics and Accounting. She currently serves as the CEO of Dzana Investments with the sole aim of creating a holding company with interests in property, energy, education, health and ICT sectors. During her career Nkateko worked for BMW SA, Gauteng Shared Services Centre and Deloitte Consulting. Nkateko will be a full voting member of the Investment Committee and while she has limited experience, will gain experience form the more senior members of the committee.

Shelley Thomas – ED Trust representative

Shelley is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Texton Property Fund Limited and Workforce Holdings Limited and serves as Chair of the board of Industrial Timber Supplies Proprietary Limited. She has deep insight into the workings of large organisations in the public and private sector. Her previous appointments included Director in the internal audit division of SekelaXabiso, divisional head of Forensic, Compliance, and Governance at Protect-A-Partner International and Financial Director at Ubambo Investment Holdings Limited, amongst others.

Carla Samaai – H1 Holdings representative

Carla is the Chief Operations Officer at H1 Holdings, an investment firm which focuses on developing and managing clean energy power plants. Her broad range of business acumen includes operations management, human resources, project management and governance. She believes in transformative leadership and aims to unify people in favour of a common purpose. Prior to H1, she served as Managing Director of Lemon Zest Consulting, a specialist recruitment firm.


Revego Fund Managers' investment potential is strengthened by its shareholders:

Revego Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd has effective black ownership of 60.9%. Investec, owning 49%, is the largest shareholder.


49% Investec Bank Limited Michael Meeser
Ziyaad Sarang


20% Entrepreneurship Development Trust Shelley Thomas


16% H1 Holdings (Pty) Ltd Carla Samaai


15% Dzana Investments Proprietary Limited Nkateko Khoza

Funds Under Management


Revego evaluates potential investment decisions according to the following key investment principles:

  • The project needs to fall within the jurisdiction of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The shareholding required is predominantly between 10% and 35%, with at least one Board seat required as financial investor
  • The status of your company or project will need to be operational, or at least near operational. The fund will, however, have the ability to invest up to 10% of its capital in projects still under construction
  • The investment instruments will include shares, shareholder loans and those producing equity-like returns

The Fund will not finance development costs or provide debt which does not have an equity risk associated with it.



Revego General Partner (RF) (Pty) Ltd is an entity established to act as the General Partner of the Fund, an en commandite partnership, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RFM.


The General Partner has appointed Revego Fund Managers (RFM) to manage the Fund in terms of the Investment Management Agreement. RFM holds a category II FSP Licence (provides intermediary services on a discretionary basis) issued under FAIS.


RFM’s Investment Committee will serve as the executive management of Revego Fund Managers and will have full discretion in terms of investment and divestment decisions regarding portfolio projects.


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